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Starch Manufacturers Association (NISAD) is the umbrella organization representing the starch industry in Turkey. The association carries out its work with the aim of developing the starch industry, determining and meeting its needs, sharing data and information on industry products with the public, protecting the common rights of the sector and representing the Turkish starch industry in the most effective way on international platforms. NISAD is a founding member of the International Federation of Starch Associations (IFSA). Fields of activity include:

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Information / Contact


The association informs all stakeholders about Turkish starch industry and starch products accurately and based on scientific resources.

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Food and Work Safety


The association follows the international procedures required to ensure and maintain food and work safety standards in the starch industry and informs its members

on this issue.

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Supporting and Improving Maize Agriculture


The association conducts studies, plans and implements projects to develop and support maize agriculture and to convey modern agricultural knowledge to maize farmers.

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Bioeconomics / R&D


Starch is renewable and biodegradable. NISAD members support the bioeconomy through R&D investments and activities. NISAD conducts collaborative work and develops projects in this field.

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Developing International Collaborations


 The association carries out works for the development of international collaborations for the Turkish starch industry and representation of the industry on international platforms.


The starch industry contributes both directly and indirectly to the national economy in a wide range from maize production to the production of basic inputs required by the food and beverage industry.

Our country's maize production,

which is the main input of the starch industry, is produced by approximately 275,000 farmers;

and a total of 12,000 people

work in the sector.

By the end of 2021, the starch industry exported 431,568 tons of starch sugar (SBS) and 198,241 tons of maize starch as well as its by-products, bringing a total of $280 million of foreign currency into Turkey.


Starch is a carbohydrate found naturally in wheat, maize, potatoes and many other plants. It occurs in the process of photosynthesis in plants and constitutes the basic content and energy source of the plant. Starch granules are found in solid form in seeds (maize, wheat, rice, etc.), tubers (potatoes) and roots (tapioca) of plants.


Starch is produced from different agricultural raw materials in different parts of the world.

Maize starch photo
Maize Farmer photo

Starch producers in Turkey only use traditional maize, produced domestically, as raw material. 25% of 6.75 million tons of maize, produced by approximately 275,000 farmers, are used in the starch industry.

Used as raw material in food, packaging and wrapping, bioplastics, paint and coloring chemicals, casting


Pharmaceuticals and pharmacy

Paper and textiles

Chemistry, cosmetics and self-care products

Construction chemicals industries.



The starch industry in Turkey produces a wide range of different products.

Modified Starch


Modified starches are starches produced by improving (modifying) the basic functions of starch such as binding, thickening, texture, stabilizing and gelling to meet the needs of different industries.



Maltodextrins are ingredients of plant origin derived from maize starch. They are unmatched due to their texturizing, gelling, emulsifying and non-crystallizing properties. They have a wide variety of uses.

Starch Sugar (Starch Based Sugar)


Starch sugar is sugar produced from starch. It is produced in liquid form for ease of use and can also be crystallized if desired. Starch sugar is called differently according to the glucose-fructose ratio it contains: Glucose syrups, glucose-fructose syrups, dextrin, crystalline fructose.



Polyols are low-calorie alternative sweeteners produced from starch. Polyols containing less calories than sucrose do not promote tooth decay and produce a lower glycemic response in the body.

Proteins and Fibers


In addition to producing a wide range of innovative and traditional products and ingredients, starch producers in Turkey also produce fibers and plant-based proteins with a wide range of functionality and uses.


Agricultural Credit Cooperatives of Turkey and Starch Manufacturers Association Sign Cooperation and Goodwill Protocol on Purchase and Sale of Maize

March 2020


Starch Manufacturers Association (NISAD), which gathers all of the starch industrialists under a single roof, and Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, which meet the agricultural needs of their nearly 1 million farmer partners and provide purchase guarantee for their products, signed a cooperation and goodwill protocol for contracted production on the purchase and sale of maize.

TGDF Board of Presidents Meets

January 2020


Federation of Food and Drink Industry Associations of Turkey (TGDF) met in Istanbul on January 15 at the Board of Presidents. Economist Fatih Keresteci, participating in the program as a guest speaker, shared important information about "Turkey's Economy in the Light of Global Developments and Developments for Financial Markets."

IFSA (International Federation of Starch Associations) was founded

December 2019


International dialogue and cooperation started in the starch industry with the International Federation of Starch Associations, of which Turkey is also a founding member.

Visit to Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

December 2019


Our team visited the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.

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